Metal Primers

Zinc Phosphate Primer #621

Zinc Phosphate primer with a Satin finish. Used as a general metal primer/undercoat and widely throughout the Structural Steel Industry. Available in Grey, Red Oxide & Blue.

Vinyl Etch Primer #615

Fast drying primer with outstanding adhesion to all metal surfaces, ferrous and non-ferrous and chrome plated steel.

King Etch Primer #616

Single pack epoxy resin based primer for all metal surfaces including brass and copper. Adheres well to fiberglass also.


Quick Dry Enamels

Quick Dry Enamel #630

Spraying enamel for most industrial applications where fast drying is required for ease of handling

Equipment Enamel #634

Spraying enamel, hard durable coating for heavy industrial applications like earth moving equipment, chassis, engines, agricultural machinery.

Hammertone #650

Spraying enamel with aluminium flake to give a beaten or hammered look finish, used for trailers, electrical cabinets/switchboards etc.

Aerosols #250

Quick dry enamel available in a small range of “stock” colours

Aerosols (Made to Order)

We can package 1, 2, 6, 12 or more aerosol cans with a variety of paint products like Quick Dry, Equipment Enamel, Basecoat, Acrylic Lacquer in a large range of colours