Furniture Coatings

Customwood Sealer #504

Clear sealer suitable for MDF, Hardwood and Softwoods.

Customwood Primer White #541

White primer used on MDF, Hardwood and Softwoods prior to top coating with Coloured Lacquer Finishes.

Catalac #501

Pre-Catalyzed Clear Lacquer to suit Hardwood Timbers, Available in various gloss levels.

Superlac #502

Pre-Catalyzed Clear Lacquer for use on Soft Timbers ie: pine for flexibility. – Various Gloss levels.

Style-Lac #544

Coloured (pigmented) Lacquers for Furniture, Doors and Cabinets where a solid Colour is required. Available in various gloss levels.

Ultraglaze #900

High Solid Two Pack Acid Catalyzed Clear Lacquer – Low Formaldehyde formula. Ideal for Furniture, domestic and office. Kitchen and Bathroom cabinets.

Timber Stain #505

Solvent based Timber stains for interior timbers, furniture, doors, cupboards. Available in a large range of colours.

Spray Stain #515

Solvent based Timber stain for interior uses, furniture, doors,etc. Formulated to give even colour during application. Eliminates the need for toning. Available in a large range of colours.

Pigmented Wiping Stain #510

As the name suggests – Pigmented (paint like) used for furniture, wood paneling. Appears to be milky or opaque when applied. Available in a range of colours.